mari melawak!

Thursday, December 23, 2010 | |

hahhaa...rini sesi mari melawak pulak,

tadi baca baca reader's digest, pastu p tengok bahagian jokes, banyak jugak la jokes kat situ, n ini ada beberapa koleksi jokes, hehehhe... selamat berjokes! :D

lawak 1

My sister-in-law Lori was at the doctor's with her little girls, Emma and Lauren, who both love shoes. When a woman wearing red slip-ons walked in, the girls' eyes widened, and they rushed over and kneeled down at the woman's feet.
''What's all this?'' the woman asked.
''I'm sorry,'' replied Lori. ''They're both shoe girls.''
''It's OK, '' the woman laughed.''So am I.''

komen sikit- mak dia dah dapat hint dah nnt besaq anak2 dia cane, hahha

lawak 2

Watching me removing dead plants from my herb garden, my six-year-old granddaughter asked if I was pulling a weed. ''No, it was rosemary. ''I replied. She looked at me closely and said, ''You name your plants?''

komen sikit- ahahha...sengal..

lawak 3

Before leaving home with our family for the drive from Canada to Florida's Disney World, the children were warned that it was a long trip and no-one was to ask, ''How much farther is it?'' or ''When will we arrive?''
The journey was remarkably question-free until 9 p.m. on the third day, when Tess sighed,''Will I still be five when we get there?''

komen sikit - ape kau ingat perjalaanan ni amik masa sampai satahun ke? hahah

oke, dah sikit2..kalau nak banyak lagi, sila baca di


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iPai said...

wah .. reader's digest tuh ..

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owh..biasa saja...ngeh ngeh ngeh


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